Your Daily Hour with Me is a daily, hour long television talk show. It airs every night in Thurston County, Washington on TCTV cable channel 22. You can also watch the entire archive of  episodes on youtube. It's a call in show, so if you see anything interesting, or have something you want to talk about, just pick up the phone and dial (360) 836-4384. We record at different times of the day, so there's a chance you might catch us live in the studio, if you don't, just leave us a message and we will call you back the next time we tape.

It started on September 19th, 2010 as an internet radio show.

We really couldn't make the program happen every day without out talented and dedicated crew. Thanks crew. Here's who's on the crew.

Adam, Adrian, Adrienne, Alek, Alex, Alicia, Alejandro, Alisone, Ally, Andrew, Andy, Angie, Annie, Armin, Arne, Arrielle, Arrington, Ashley, Asha, Asia, Asuka, Barbie, Ben, Bennett, Berd, Bill, Bob, Brennan, Brian, Briana, Bridget, Carl, Carl Jr, Carrie, Carson, Cedar, Charles, Chase, China, Chris, Christer, Chrissa, Christine, Clare, Colin, Collette, Cosmo, Craig, Dale, Dad, Dan, Darryl, Dave, David, Deborah, Desmond, Derek, Dick, Don, Donald, Duckhugger, Dylan, Eddie, Elaine, Eliana, Elias, Elijah, Elizabeth, Ella, Emma, Emily, Erik, Fajr, Franny, Fred, Garrett, George, Gino, Grace, Graeme, Greg, Heather, Ian, Icarus, Igor, Isaac, Israel, Jackson, Jahla, James, Jane, Jared, Jason, Jay, Jean, Jeff, Jenna, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jessica, Jeziel, Jim, Joe, Johanna, John, Jojo, Josh, Juan, Julia, Justin, Kaitlin, Karen, Kelci, Kendel, Kevin, Kim, Kirsten, Kurt, Laith, Larry, Lars, Lay Z Whorse, Lea, Lee, Leo, Lewis, Liam, Lily, Lillian, Lisa, Logan, Lucy, Luke, Maggie, Malcom, Mandi, Marcia, Mark, Marit, Martin, Mary, Matt, Max, McDonalds, Megan, Miranda, Michael, Micah, Mike, Mom, Mr. Ginsu, Myrtice, Nancy, Natasha, Nepitha, Nick, Obongra, Olivia, Oliver, Olga, Paul, Pilar, Quentin, Rachel, Ralph, Raven, Ray, Rebecca, Red Bird, Reese, Reid, Rick, Riley, River, Rob, Robert, Robin, Roger, Ron, Rueben, Sadie, Sam, Sarah, Scott, Sean, Sirius, Spencer, Syd, Steve, Stevie, Summer, Susan, Susanna, Tanner, Taylor, Ted, Tennessee, Tess, Tiffany, Timothy, Tom, Tony, Travis, Trini, Tucker, Tyler, Ursula, Valerie, Vince, Wanda, Will, William, Xavier, Yellow Fellow, Zach, Zeezang, and Zilger

If you would like to be on the crew please call (360) 836-4384 or email us at yourdailyhourwithme@gmail.com.
You don't have to do anything to be on the crew, but you can if you want.