The Cream of the County Awards is a yearly awards ceremony that recognizes the best things in Thurston County. The categories are made up by and voted on exclusively by guests and callers on the program. In other words, the only way to vote in The Cream of the County Awards is to be on YDHWM, either in person or by calling (360) 836-4384 and answering the questions. Once you vote for all the existing categories, you can add your own category recognizing something that is the best in Thurston County. The voting begins on September 19th every year and concludes on the first Friday of December when we hold the award ceremony 6pm at TCTV 440 Yauger Way on the west side of Olympia.

Here are the existing categories for the 2016 Cream of the County Awards*
  • Best Sidewalk Square
  • Best Ice Cream
  • Best Street
  • Best Buffet
  • Best Judge
  • Best Pie
  • Best Pizza
  • Best Tree
  • Best TV Show
  • Best Scientist
  • Best Hair
  • Best Dog
  • Best Vape Shop
  • Best Coffee Shop
  • Best Convenience Store
  • Best Citrus Fruit
  • Best Closest Thing to Steve

*New categories may be added at any time, this list may be out of date, call (360) 836-4384 for the updated list of categories.