YDHWM began on September 19, 2010 as an internet radio show. Recorded once a day, everyday, the program quickly developed a life of it's own. 31 days later it transformed into a TV show when Rick began recording the each episode with a VHS camera. Soon YDHWM was airing on the local cable television channel TCTV at 11:30pm every night. Over 12 years, and more than 4000 episodes later, YDHWM continues to be dedicated to making an hour of television every single day. Anyone can come on the program, especially you! We rely on the community for content so give us a call at (360) 836-4384.

Here's a spreadsheet of every episode ever.

How To Watch


You can watch YDHWM on cable television every night (if you live in Thurston County, Washington). It airs on TCTV Channel 22 at two different times. At 11:30pm you can see the from 2 weeks ago this year and at 2am you can see the episode from the same day of the month from 8 years ago. TCTV is a public access TV station here in Thurston County. They have a big Studio, lots of video gear to check out, can train you to make your own TV show, and will even put it on TV! If you want to watch the show as it appears on cable television you can stream their channel at: https://tcmedia.org/stream.php 


YDHWM streams every episode live as it is recording. That means you can watch it as it happens every day, and even participate in the show! The entire archive of over 4000 episodes is also available there. There's also a 24 hour livestream that plays random episodes of the program back to back all day long! If you want to know when the program is live you can subscribe and click the notifications bell.


Hearkening back to it's roots as an internet radio show, the episode from the previous week of YDHWM can be heard, on your radio, every night on 91.9fm in Olympia, Washington. If you want to stream the radio broadcast you can do so here: http://frolympia.airtime.pro/ 


We really couldn't make the program happen every day without out talented and dedicated crew. The people who have made the show possible over the years are innumerable and this list is nowhere near complete. There are so many people to thank, starting with:

Adam, Adrian, Adrienne, Alek, Alex, Alicia, Alejandro, Alisone, Ally, Andrew, Andy, Angie, Annie, Armin, Arne, Arrielle, Arrington, Ashley, Asha, Asia, Asuka, Barbie, Ben, Bennett, Berd, Bill, Bob, Brennan, Brian, Briana, Bridget, Carl, Carl Jr, Carrie, Carson, Cedar, Charles, Chase, China, Chris, Christer, Chrissa, Christine, Clare, Colin, Collette, Cosmo, Craig, Dale, Dad, Dan, Darryl, Dave, David, Deborah, Desmond, Derek, Dick, Don, Donald, Duckhugger, Dylan, Eddie, Elaine, Eliana, Elias, Elijah, Elizabeth, Ella, Emma, Emily, Erik, Fajr, Franny, Frankie, Freddy, Garrett, George, Gino, Grace, Graeme, Greg, Hank, Heather, Ian, Icarus, Igor, Isaac, Israel, Jackson, Jahla, James, Jane, Jared, Jason, Jay, Jean, Jeff, Jenna, Jeremy, Jerry, Jesse, Jessica, Jesus, Jeziel, Jim, Joe, Johanna, John, Jojo, Jon, Jordan, Josh, Juan, Julia, Justin, Kaitlin, Karen, Kelci, Kendel, Kevin, Kim, Kirsten, Kurt, Laith, Larry, Lars, Lay Z Whorse, Lea, Lee, Leo, Lewis, Liam, Lily, Lillian, Lisa, Logan, Lucy, Luke, Maggie, Malcom, Mandi, Marcia, Mark, Marit, Martin, Mary, Matt, Max, McDonalds, Megan, Miranda, Michael, Micah, Mike, Mom, Mr. Ginsu, Myrtice, Nancy, Natasha, Nepitha, Nick, Obongra, Olivia, Oliver, Olga, Paul, Pilar, Quentin, Rachel, Ralph, Raven, Ray, Rebecca, Red Bird, Reese, Reid, Rick, Riley, River, Rob, Robert, Robin, Roger, Ron, Rueben, Sadie, Sam, Sarah, Scott, Sean, Sirius, Spencer, Syd, Steve, Stevie, Summer, Susan, Susanna, Tanner, Taylor, Ted, Tennessee, Tess, Tiffany, Timothy, Tom, Tony, Travis, Trini, Trixie, Tucker, Tyler, Ursula, Valerie, Vince, Wanda, Will, William, Xavier, Yellow Fellow, Zach, Zeezang, and Zilger

If you would like to be on the crew please call (360) 836-4384 or email us at yourdailyhourwithme@gmail.com.

You don't have to do anything to be on the crew, but you can if you want.